Ubuntu is a fantastic operating system.  It’s careening fast.  It’s efficient.  It’s open source.  It’s free.  Some of the best apps (commercialware included) are open-source.  It’s great to efficiently and smoothly use the file manager Nautilus (it is about as sleek as Nemo’s vessel!).  One common obstacle is this option whenever you open a file (typically a .txt file).


Familiar?  Right.  Here’s how you set the file manager’s default preferences to automatically display .txt files.

For keyboard-jockeys like me hit Alt-E-N.  That brings up Preferences.  Or Go To Menu—>Edit—>Preferences.  Now click on the second tab, the behaviour tab.  You should now see this.

Under “Executable Text Files” select the “View executable text files” radio dialog button and you’re set!  Now all .txt and similar files that should be “displayed” automatically will.  If you want Nautilus to ask you what to do or to automatically execute text files, you know how and where to tweak that preference now, too!




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