here’s some details of the implementation of the -resize option with the very nifty parameter details.

Resize to exact 640×480, change aspect ratio if necessary

mogrify -resize 640×480! *.jpg
Resize to 50% of original size, keep the aspect ratio

mogrify -resize 50% *.jpg
Resize images that are less than 640 pixel wide to 640px wide (image wider will be ignored)

mogrify -resize 640

Resize images to no larger than 640×480 (images with width and height less than 640 or 480 will be ignored)

mogrify -resize 640×480″>” *.jpg
Resize images to 100K pixels

mogrify -resize 100000 *.jpg
Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

Some of the Select Options (There’s Tons more!) that I found interesting and amusing:

remove pixel aliasing
surround the image with a border of color
the border color
emboss an image
create a “mirror image”
the image format type
-frame x++
surround the image with an ornamental border
-gaussian x
blur the image with a gaussian operator
print usage instructions
implode image pixels about the center
adjust the level of image contrast
NOOP (no option)
transform image to span the full range of color values
-resize x{%}{@}{!}{}
resize an image
scale the image
shear the image along the X or Y axis
tile image when filling a graphic primitive
transform the image
make this color transparent within the image
sharpen the image with an unsharp mask operator
print detailed information about the image
-wave x
alter an image along a sine wave

Everything from converting files, batch-processing, creating a montage of thumbnails, displaying slideshows of images, animating gif animations, and more can be accomplished with the this mogrify command.  Check out ImageMagick for basic usage and examples.

VERY Useful Links of some Linux Friends and Compadres on the specific mogrify command


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