Here’s the list the Best Open-Source Applications for Practically Every Category of Program!

I could have made this post very long (detailing all other options and why and how each application is superb) or very short.  I made elaborate later, but for now I went with the briefer version!

  • Graphics Manipulation – GIMP
  • Webcam Capture – Cheese
  • Screen Capture – KSnapshot
  • HexColorPicker – KColorChooser
  • Text-editor – GEdit
  • Word-processing, Spreadsheet, Database, Presentation – Libre Office (Truly marvelous, Full-fledged, extensible, advanced program.  Even the formula Math sup-application is very complete.  Professional word-processing in the Writer sub-application as well.)
  • Browser – Chrome and/or Firefox
  • Ubuntu-Specific Productivity for CLI – Guake
  • Ubuntu-Specific Productivity for GUI – Gnome-Do
  • Encryption – TrueCrypt
  • Email – Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Graphing Calculator – Extcalc
  • Media-player – Banshee (Incredibly swift and simple podcast-rss adding that Works.  Very fast, Excellent layout.  Superb).
  • Audio-Editing – Audacity (Superb with many advanced editing features and filters).
  • PDF-Viewer – This one is tricky.  Because the built-in viewer doesn’t allow high-lighting and okular can only save in the useless .okular file format, the best PDF viewer (that allows for .pdf-saveable highlights and annotations) is Foxit Reader and/or PDFX-Change Viewer via Wine.
Note, many of these incredible open-source applications (truly incredible, some of them could easily be very expensive as they are full-fledged high-functioning applications) are cross-platform, available in other operating systems (not that that matters much! xD) as well.

Bulk File-Renaming

pyRenamer pyRenamer pyRenamer pyRenamer. Easily my favorite utility of all time. “All time” spans windows xp, windows 7, various versions of ubuntu, and mac os 7 to 10.6. Out of all gui-based utilities in all those OSes over the past twenty years, pyRenamer is easily my favorite utility app. I’ve used it to rename literally tens of thousands of files and directories. It works flawlessly. It never crashes. And it was coded in my favorite programming langauge, python. Here’s a list of the file renamer gui-apps I’ve tried that have been utter and absolute failure and zero comparison to the supreme efficiency and awesomeness of pyrenamer.

  • Better File Renamer (rubbish)
  • NameChanger (okay, but rubbish)
  • Fast File Renamer (okay, but rubbish)
  • Bulk Rename Utility (didn’t even bother trying, but rubbish)
  • Batch File Renamer (rubbish)
  • Magic File Renamer (rubbish)

There indubitably exist people who work with more files than me, but I have not yet met them, so out of all the people I’ve met, I work the most files, tens of thousands of files that all must have strict, well-planned, well-organized naming schemes. pyRenamer is hands-down, no comparsion, the absolute superior best utility app for renaming files in bulk. Naturally, it’s free, open-source, and for linux.


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