This page may likely balloon into a site). In the process of building my own rig, I will likely show a few unboxings and share (at the very least specs, but most likely, additionally) the build process.

I discovered this guy’s unboxings.
He’s awesome (Linus, apparently) and really like his talking, unboxing, and presentational method. Mainly, I find his vids helpful because he’s one of the few people on youtube who actually looks and sounds cool and interesting and isn’t infuriating (a rarity)! Plus his cat reminds me of my cats, so that’s jolly good.

Finally, for anyone building or interested inbuilding their own computer, this is a great, extremely well-written guides (although at this point a bit dated) for learning part-selection and all the components of building one’s own rig.  This post is top-notch for actually installing the componets, namely the cpu!

Will likely add to this list of resources.

This page will likely be updated about the progress of rig-building.


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